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Using Your Special Day To
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On Ethical Weddings With Photographer Praise Santos



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Photographer, Entrepreneur, Artist, and Socially Conscious Badass Boss Lady Praise Santos

E031: Self-Love & Ethical Weddings - How to Spend Your Most Precious Moments in a MeaninGful Way

We are so thrilled to bring you this conversation with one of our favorite humans, a supporter of She's Thriving since day 1, and an incredibly talented photographer, artist, and businesswoman - the amazing Praise Santos of ComePlum. In addition to being a brilliant photographer, art director, artist, and purveyor of puns; Praise is also an entrepreneur determined to intentionally incorporate her values into every aspect of her business. Whether it's by providing services for other enterprising women or developing a side passion for all things Ethical Weddings, Praise is proof that you don't have to compromise who you are and what you stand for in order to make a profit and build a business. 

“Ethical weddings do not mean ugly weddings. I want them to be fearsome and show style!” Today we're talking to the passionate and inspiring entrepreneur Praise Santos. She's a wedding photographer and story-teller with a huge passion for ethical living, and when she felt a disconnect in her believes and the work she was doing, she decided to piece two and two together and create a whole new market; ethical weddings. Things we cover in this episode: Ethical Weddings – What does it mean and what would it look like? (No worries – we’re talking super sexy and glamorous still!) Self-Love and Body Image – How can we overcome our inner judgmental voice and learn to love ourselves just as is? How to implement your passions into your professions and find loopholes in the market to do what you love. How to trust the journey and knowing that sometimes things will happen in it’s own pace, and that that is good. Tips on how to start your own entrepreneurial journey – Embracing the little steps and how that is what’s gonna change your world and the big one.

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