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It's A Good Day To Do Good

Hotel G

Hotel G partners with Creativity Explored, an art collective based in the Mission. The artist all range between the ages of 20-80 and all have some sort of developmental disability. Additionally, they do not use plastic bottles,  featuring Boxed Water onsite instead. Lastly Hotel G's rugs come from a small village in India and a portion of the proceeds go back to the village.


Modern Rebel Co.

Modern Rebel is an alternative event planning company that gives back to local NYC non-profits. It was started with the belief that it's totally possible to keep the pretty in perspective when planning a kick-ass party.


Less stuff, more meaning

Australian hub for eco-ethical weddings that celebrates giving back, environmental consciousness, and the timeless beauty of simplicity. 

Black sheep bride

This online platform supports weddings that give back. It serves as an exciting network for connecting brides, vendors, and products with the intention of doing good.

Ethical Wedding Inspiration

Online registry for donating to donating to charitable causes around the world. Helps couples begin their marriage by doing good and bringing awareness to those in need.

The good beginning

Thankful registry

Open-platform and all-inclusive registry, allowing individuals to add things from any online store, in any currency.

Wedding registry and wishlist service that promotes the giving of homemade gifts, charitable donations, experiences, and day-of-event help, in pursuit of fostering community and ecological sustainability.

So Kind

Did you know that if every American made just ONE Fair Trade purchase a year, it would lift ONE million families out of poverty? Well 7 Hopes United did, and they're acting accordingly. 

Seven hopes united

Marketplace for unique and handcrafted fair trade items, sourced from all over the world. Committed to lifting disadvantaged artisans, farmers, & families out of poverty, and dedicated to sustainable practices and the art of ethical production,  



Delivers recycled flowers to bring joy, beauty, and smiles to individuals in health care facilities.

Random acts of flowers

carrie marie piazza

Dedicated to sustainable practices and ethical production, Cara is a natural dyer and textile designer. Her work utilizes on organic cottons, natural dyes (botanicals, plant matter, etc.), and peace grade silks. 

This San Francisco small business uses local, seasonal flowers.



Homegrown curates every ingredient from grains to animal products so that the can champion the sandwich environmentalism.


Committed to the alleviation of hunger and prevention of waste within San Francisco, Food Runners picks up the left-over perishable and prepared food from businesses & delivers it directly to nearby neighborhood food programs! 

FOOD runners


Farrah uses only cruelty-free beauty products.

Spirit Makeup



donates profit




with ethical vendors

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