How To Be Your Own Instagram Husband

Are you fired up with a message to say to the world but need the know-how to communicate it effectively online?

Taking your own photos and knowing how to pair a message can often feel like hitting a wall. It's not as intuitive as some influencers make it look like. Getting the right angles, knowing how to effectively use a camera, and how to pair it was the right words can be a brain drain. I've been working as a professional photographer for content creators and have over a decade of experience of pairing visuals with a message that will woo your audience to take action.

What is an Instagram Husband?

An instagram husband is your partner, a Thelma to your Louise, a Ja-Rule to your Ashanti, a locally-sourced almond butter to your no-preservatives-added jelly, as you create content for a digital platform. They are especially good at taking photos.

And why am I insisting that you can be your own Instagram Husband? Because sometimes your boo or your bestie or your mom (my mom is a great IG husband for the record - she knows how to get all dem angles!) can’t be there when your creativity is sparked to create. So I want to equip you with ways to do it by yourself (especially since I can't be your boo while respecting social distancing).

🤩superstar takeaways from this e-book 🤩:
✓ The mindset of a healthy content creator
✓ Foundations of good content
✓ Niching your target audience
✓ Planning for a photoshoot
✓ Posing for photos + the instagram husband vow
✓ Camera basics: lighting, composition, and editing
✓ How you can do good in the world with your content
✓ References to Lizzo and other pop culture figures that make me LOL

You ready to be your own Instagram Husband, sis?
Grab the guide below!

a must for every personal brand

A DIY Guide to Content Creation

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