About us: ComePlum is a San Francisco photo studio for go-getters who are impacting the world. We help women who are starting businesses get a fresh headshot, women who are creating content with creative direction, and with brides getting married, we resource them with socially impactful and eco-friendly weddings. Additionally, we equip women with their online content creation by resourcing them with mobile photography presets and the How To Be Your Own Instagram Husband e-book. 

Our Why: to equip women with the tools they need to live out their one, wild life because empowered, confident women set the world on fire

Our commitment: As a business for go-getter women to impact the world, I am committed to creating an environment that is anti-racist, inclusive, and actively participating in making the world an equitable, just, and thriving place. 

I commit to do this by investing in anti-racism education for me and my team, creating space for open-conflict and active listening, actively investing in Black businesses, and also by partnering with racial justice organizations to end systemic racism. 

I am currently learning more about anti-racism by reading “How To Be An Anti-Racist”
Ibram X. Kendi’s and “So You Want To Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Olou. Currently, I am financially supporting the Equal Justice Initiative. 

Are you a small business? You can learn more about the anti racist pledge here.
See more practical ways we are processing this time in this blog post.


✓  Whole world (we seek to use environmentally friendly practices, we work with the knowledge of the ripple effect of what we do impacts the globe)

✓ Whole people in the world (we treat others with integrity, honesty, encouragement. We don’t point fingers. We don’t guilt people into doing good. We seek for people to live whole lives so that they can have the capacity to impact others. We work with fair-trade businesses. We tell people the truth.)

✓ Think out of this world (we are ahead of tens, we aren’t afraid to push the limits. We aren’t afraid to be out of the norm. We highlight beauty. We inspire other to break boundaries. We try new things and bring others along with us. We pair style + social impact, sexiness + sustainability) 

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