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Where'd I get the name?
Say it out loud. Doesn’t it make you grin?

I chose ComePlum because it conveys clever delight.
That’s all there is to it.

Doesn’t it make you giggle?
I just liked the way it sounded together. And that it rhymed. A little.

what does ComePlum mean?

did you 

just leave your 9-to-5 to work for yourself and not sure where to start?

are you

a coach or consultant looking to become more of a thought leader in your field?

are you

a creative wanting to put more intention into growing your business?

then brand opening 
was made for you

Imagine knowing exactly what to do to start your personal brand, gaining the confidence to put your name, your voice, and your story both online and offline, and creating a life that is aligned and inspired.

This happens through deep work, delicious content, and tailored accountability. During Brand Opening, our group will help you discover your deep why, cultivate collaborators, launch your minimum viable product,  and do it all in a way that will save you time, reduces costs, and grow your business.

Why do you need a Brand Opening? Because google-ing answers can only get you so far. I was there before too. Starting out there are so many unknowns. Did I figure out some things on my own through experience and making mistakes? For sure! Could I have saved time, money, and stress by asking for help? Definitely. I learned so much from other entrepreneurs, coaches, and educators who have invested in me. I wanted to tailor an experience for you that combines a mastermind with a course with 1-on-1 coaching. 

And make it fun.

brand opening will

brand opening will


save time

Google is really good at providing answers if you know what questions to ask. What if all you know is
"I need help"? Brand Opening will pair you with Praise, a seasoned solopreneur with 8+ years of running her own business who will help you focus your time with what you truly need to work on by auditing where you are and get you answers where you truly need help.



once you know where you actually need to focus your time on, our workflows, templates, and systems will help you maximize your time and resources so that you can focus on what's important.



getting your work out there is the hurdle that we want to help you overcome. The fear of hitting "publish" holds back many great business that the world truly needs. During our 3-month program, we will give you tools and community to finally launch your MVP.

the brand opening method

Inspired by my background as an actress, we are going to use the analogy of a theater's opening night to launch your personal brands. 

PHASE ONE: Behind The Scenes
 (3 weeks)
Getting curious about yourself (your own gifts, purpose, and strengths,) who your audience is, and who your community of fellow personal brands and collaborators. 

PHASE TWO: Dress Rehearsal
(2 weeks)
Figuring out what kind of problem you want to solve in the world. And what your MVP (minimum viable product [or service]) will be to solve it.

(3 weeks)
Now it gets to be more outward facing: you decide on your storytelling pillars, the look & feel of your brand visuals, and we will create your brand guide.

PHASE FOUR: Opening Night
(2 weeks)
We will now figure out your offerings & pricing and how that intersects with your overall marketing strategy

(2 weeks)
How do we keep your audience coming back? It’s through great customer service and sustainable systems

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Commitment of 
3-hours a week (45-min of content, 45-min of homework, and 1.5 hours of group coaching)



Ideal for service providers in the beginning stages of a personal brand (writers, coaches, consultants, fitness professionals, educators, teachers, creatives, etc) 



Starts January 9, 2023 and ends March 31, 2023. Coaching calls every other Tuesday.

value & investment

offerings audit value $500
pitch templates value $500
contract templates $500
community of rad entrepreneurs priceless
total value $17000

coaching value $6000
business course value $4000
marketing strategy value $1500
brand guide value $1500
voxer access value $1500


your investment

(will go up to $5500 next year)



what if it's not the right fit?

Once we sort through the applications, we will invite those who we think will benefit most BUT we want you to feel the most satisfied. If within three weeks you prove you have done the course work and aren't satisfied, we will refund you.


what if I don't have the time to commit?

Perhaps you can use our other resources in the shop or on our Instagram until you are ready to commit.


what makes this program different from others?

We've tried one-on-one coaching, big brand courses, masterminds, and more (including a disappointing time at the SBA) and they missed a lot of empathy and humor. Plus, you will get to shape the course as we bring in guest speakers around your desired topics.


there are limited spots available and we would love to have you

Praise has created a space where you can learn to have healthy ambition. I truly enjoyed being apart of this group. The things that I have learned will definitely stick with me forever!


-Alisha E. 

Praise is not only a master of her art - she is also an absolute joy to work with! She is everything that you should be looking for in a teacher: empathetic, patient, and talented. It's been a real privilege learning from her.

-Rachel K. 

Praise leads with joy and is so good at getting you to take action in a short block of time. I walked away every day with something new to implement into my personal brand.

-Jessica F.

about your coacH

I am a brand photographer and coach. I’ve also felt paralyzed by the amount of work it takes to communicate who you are what you do clearly and consistently. If you want a guide to help you to the other side where you can feel proud and aligned with your business, I’m your girl. 

Why do I do this?

When I take my personal brand photoshoot calls, my favorite part about it is asking entrepreneurs why they decided to start and how it's going. I often get to share resources  beyond photography. By sharing encouragement and resources, I see a transformation within the entrepreneur: they go from dreamer to doer.  I believe when people are resourced, confident, and inspired, they cause their communities to flourish.

I want my world to be a flourishing community. You with me?

Some fun facts about me:
  • Work featured in Vogue and Forbes
  • 20-On-The-Rise Award Winner
  • Collaborated with over 700+ on their personal branding
  • SAG-eligible actress (can you guess which teen Netflix show I was on?)

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