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Next cohort begins August 2024.

Brand Opening

wanting to leave your 9-to-5 but the fear of insecurity is stopping you?

Overwhelmed with the to-do list of growing your audience?

feeling lost about how to price your services?

Are you a creative?

Tired of figuring out the business part on your own?

Drained by learning all the systems to run a business?

craving a better work-life balance but unsure of the right path to take?

dreaming of offering consulting services but lost with how to market it?

who can't find the time to launch your new offering?

stumped with how to financially thrive with the work you do?

Aspiring to build a personal brand but clueless where to start?

can create for others but feel uninspired when creating for yourself?

Are you a coach?

Are you a corporate professional?

Then Brand Opening 
was made for you.

I'd been working in an office setting for a couple of years and finally got the guts to leave my employer. But even after I had been running my business for years I still felt like I was just winging it. I felt confused about my finances. I didn't know how to raise my prices. I had pieced together knowledge from things I've googled and podcasts I listened too but I didn't even know how to accurately diagnose why I felt bleh about what I was doing.

I wanted to love my business, I wanted it to serve the world, and I wanted to be proud of it. 

I was frustrated and stuck, too.

Having a safe space to share my confusion and then be given not just emotional support but also practical tools that made me feel empowered and with a clear sense of direction was life changing. After I invested in coaching, my business revenue multiplied 2.5x. And more importantly, I had a clear sense of direction of how I wanted to lead it. 

Transformation is right around the corner for you, too. 

so I invested in coaching.


Gaining the confidence

that is aligned and inspired and financially thriving

Knowing exactly what to do

Creating a life




to run a business that becomes a memorable brand

to put your name, your voice, and your story both online and offline

Discover your deep why

Cultivate collaborators

Launch your business

Discover your deep why

Cultivate collaborators

Launch your business

your dream come to life:

You will gain the tools (literally so many spreadsheets, templates, and SOPs) to not only ideate your business but also to get it to market. Make the sale!

You will have the resources and space to refine your personal purpose and your brand's mission, vision, and values AND how to effectively share it

You will learn how to hone in on your perfect audience that will resonate with your brand and how to collaborate with others in your industry to grow your audience

During brand opening, Andrea:
  • Brought on corporate clients
  • Hired new team members
  • Added teaching as an income stream

"If you want a lesson in faith, start a business"

"My business is such an important part of my life. It feels like a extension of my goals as a human being. And sometimes it's hard to see how to get from point A to point B when you care so deeply about the thing. And so I think I just, it has been so great to have the guidance to take on some things that were new, like teaching in new places and saying yes to some things that I was really terrified to say yes to."

Once you know where you actually need to focus your time on, our workflows, templates, and systems will help you maximize your time and resources so that you can focus on what's important.

Getting your work out there is the hurdle that we want to help you overcome. The fear of hitting "publish" holds back many great business that the world truly needs. During our 3-month program, we will give you tools and community to finally launch your MVP.


Save time.


During brand opening, Wesley:
  • Created his coaching program
  • Launched his website
  • Created a steady stream of clients

"I came with an idea and left with a business"

"Before I came to Brand Opening, I wanted to build a business. I didn't have anything tangible, I just had an idea. And it was through Brand Opening, working with such creative entrepreneurs that I was able to create this thing that came to life. I now have a business. After four months of working with Praise and the team. And I just built such a great relationship with our cohort. And now I have a business."

A variety of mediums for your unique learning style

  • Deep work through monthly 1-on 1 coaching with Praise
  • Hands-on 12 modules of content (choose your learning style: video, audio, and slides)
  • Tailored accountability and problem solving through our 2x a month mastermind calls
  • Scheduled time to GSD (get stuff done) with our monthly co-working calls
  • Weekly voice memo check-in

During Brand Opening, Desiree:
  • Problem solved her workflow
  • Created her brand guide
  • Increased her service pricing

"Excited about my brand"

"I professionally help others build their brands but working on my own brand felt daunting. But once I was going through the homework it got me super excited. Through that process it got me really to hone in on what I wanted my business to reflect. The way Praise had us think about it on a personal level made it way easier to go back to."

What you can do in your 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Every participant will work with Praise to tailor this experience but here a taste of what you can work on together:

  • Create your marketing strategy.
  • Refine your systems of operations.
  • Up-level your finances.
  • Create a launch plan for your podcast or video series.
  • Align your brand experience for your customer.
  • Ideate educational programs.
  • Practice your pitch and introduction.
  • Streamline your systems so your brand can scale.

During Brand Opening, Taylor:
  • Filed her business within the city
  • Increased her prices
  • Launched her website
  • Showcased at her first market
  • Got published in the news

"I now know how to price my products and see the value in what I make."

"In Brand Opening I learned a lot about how I could price my products better for the market I’m in. It helped me tweak my prices and see the value in my product more than I previously did. It also helped me build community and helped me see that growing a business yes it’s really hard and it’s a struggle but you have to push through and the community encouraged me that it was possible."

Brand Opening is the program for you.

Getting curious about yourself (your own gifts, purpose, and strengths,) who your audience is, and who your community of fellow personal brands and collaborators. We'll go through your Business & Brand Audit, your personal purpose, and how to speak to your target audience and how to collaborate with others in your industry. We will also lay the foundation for a healthy mindset.

PHASE ONE: Behind The Scenes

Figuring out what kind of problem you want to solve in the world. And what your MVP (minimum viable product [or service]) will be to solve it. We'll go over your business strategy and model that accomplishes your MVP and speaks to your target audience. For those who already have a business we will find how to increase your prices and increase your income streams.

PHASE TWO: Dress Rehearsal

Now it gets to be more outward facing: you decide on your brand pillars, the look & feel of your brand visuals, and we will create your brand guide.


We will now figure out your offerings & pricing (with a robust look at your financial plans and goals) and how that intersects with your overall marketing strategy (with a special look on building your thought leadership).

PHASE FOUR: Opening Night

How do we keep your audience coming back? It’s through a great customer brand experience (customer service) and sustainable systems. During this phase we'll equip you with the tools, templates, and tricks for creating a business that fits into your personal life AND serves your audience in outstanding ways.


The Brand Opening Method

Inspired by my background as an actress, our signature Brand Opening Method uses the analogy of a theater's opening night to launch your brands:

During Brand Opening, Nadine:
  • Created her coaching program
  • Aligned her brand experience
  • Booked her first client

"Finally living out this dream I've had"

"My big aha moment was working 1-on-1 with Praise to hash out my program outline, going through step by step, what my client’s journey would look like. She helped me think about things I hadn’t thought of before. She taught me to get over my perfection and to roll it out messy. And look where we are, I signed my first client! It feels surreal finally living out this dream I’ve had."

Ideal for service providers in the beginning stages of a personal brand (photographers, writers, coaches, consultants, fitness professionals, educators, makers, shop-owners, teachers, creatives, etc) 

03. The Dates

01. Commitment

Fall 2024 schedule:
8 mastermind calls
4 1:1 calls
4 GSD calls
=16 weeks of growth and accountability

The Spring hybrid co-hort meets every Thursday from 5 PM- 7 PM PST and starts February 1, 2024 and ends May 30, 2024.
Mastermind meetups are hybrid (in-person in SF or online) and coaching and co-working calls are online.

02. Who

the details

During brand opening, Shannon:
  • Launched her consulting business
  • Grew her client base
  • Hosted an influencer event in LA
  • Did her first podcast
  • Launched a new blog marketing series

"Where I am now vs 4 months ago: there's been astounding growth"

"I find as an entrepreneur, it's hard to find people to bounce ideas off of. So the thing I appreciate the most about brand opening was just having this community of other entrepreneurs who are chasing after their goals. and setting direction with these people. I have to say where I am now versus four months ago there's been astounding growth. You need to invest in yourself, you need to invest in your future, and Brand Opening is the perfect place to do that."

Why do you need a Brand Opening? Because googling answers can only get you so far. I was there before too. Starting out there are so many unknowns. Did I figure out some things on my own through experience and making mistakes? For sure! Could I have saved time, money, and stress by asking for help? Definitely. 

I learned so much from other entrepreneurs, coaches, and educators who have invested in me. I wanted to tailor an experience for you that combines a mastermind with a course with 1-on-1 coaching. I know during our time together we can exponentially grow that dream you've been brewing on. You can do it.

And we are here to equip and cheer you on.

Why YOU?

value & investment

Brand guide value $600
Offerings audit value $500
Pitch templates value $500
Contract templates $500
Community of rad entrepreneurs: priceless
Total value $19,900

Coaching value $6000
Mastermind value $3000
Business course value $4000
Marketing strategy value $1500
Voxer access value $1500
Program creation value $800


your investment

one time payment


4 payments

* we know starting a business and a brand can be challenging. If you have financial challenges, click apply and tell your story in the comments to be considered for a partial scholarship.


Once we sort through the applications, we will invite those who we think will benefit most from this program. However, we ask participants in Brand Opening to also commit to the program. We have seen committed participants increase their profits and love the lifestyle they have created. BUT we want you to feel the most satisfied. If within three weeks you prove you have done the course work and aren't satisfied, we will refund you.

Can you guarantee results?

You can absolutely. Please put that on your application and will connect you. Additionally, you can check out our reviews on Google and Yelp to see that we operate our business with care and integrity.

Can I talk to a past participant about their experience?

We've tried one-on-one coaching, big brand courses, masterminds, and more (including a disappointing time at the SBA) and they missed a lot of empathy and humor. Plus, you will get to shape the course as we bring in guest speakers around your desired topics.

What makes this program different from others?

At ComePlum it is our mission to impact 10,000 to live into their life's purpose. The content we share is applicable to any and all genders! Any human aligned with our mission is invited to apply.

Is this program only for women?

With coaching, you get as much as you put it. Because we want to see transformation, we ask attendees not miss more than three calls during our time together but we understand that life's unexpected situations happen but we then ask participants to adjust their expectation for transformation accordingly.

Can I miss a few calls?

frequently asked questions

Increase the likelihood of achieving your goals by 76%

According or a study by Dr. Gail Matthew of the Dominican University of California, you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals just by thinking about your goals. Whereas you are 76% more likely to achieve your goals by thinking your goals, writing your goals down, taking action steps, and having weekly accountability.
This is what we provide in Brand Opening, by starting off with our signature Brand & Business audit, we help you hone in on what your goals should be, then we help you create a brand strategy based on your vision for your life and business, and then we give you the tools to act on the strategy coupled with weekly check-ins.

During Brand Opening, Krysta:
  • Reimagined fresh branding for her offering
  • Finalized pricing for her new service
  • Created a new income stream

"Everything fits together"

"For my new income stream, Praise made sure that we laid a strong foundation and that was something that even in my current business, I have really never done before. it made me feel more confident going through the process.It's really amazing how you just feel better about what you're doing when everything fits together. Now my new income stream looks great and feels great. Everything is in place."

Praise is not only a master of her art - she is also an absolute joy to work with! She is everything that you should be looking for in a teacher: empathetic, patient, and talented. It's been a real privilege learning from her.

Rachel K.

Praise leads with joy and is so good at getting you to take action in a short block of time. I walked away every day with something new to implement into my personal brand.

Jessica F.

Praise has created a space where you can learn to have healthy ambition. I truly enjoyed being apart of this group. The things that I have learned will definitely stick with me forever!

Alisha E.


When I first started my business, I went to the Small Business Administrations office hopeful to get resources to start a thriving business. They assigned me a coach who looked over my business plan. The coach flipped though my 6-page presentation and all he responded was, "Ok now it looks like you have to go find customers."
I looked back in shock.
hello sir that is why I'm here!
There was no resourcing.
No empathy.
No feedback.
No telling how to do this ginormous task.
Just an obvious statement of fact.
I left that office feeling more alone than when I walked in.
I determined to not only find out how to thrive in my business BUT ALSO to change culture so that you don't feel unsupported. 

About your coach, Praise

By sharing encouragement, empathy, (I've made a lot of mistakes) and resources (but I always figured out how to get it done!), I'm here to help you transform from dreamer to doer. I believe when you are resourced, confident, and inspired, you will cause your community to flourish.

If you want a guide to help you feel proud and aligned with your business, I’m your girl. 

as seen in & trusted by


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