brand coachsulting for solopreneurs

the blend of empathetic listening (addressing the head and heart) and expert strategies (addressing the hands and feet) from a seasoned solopreneur


Imagine booking clients that make you say "heck yes!", making money with by using your gifts, and creating a life that is filled with the wealth of autonomy and freedom.

This happens when your brand is aligned with your values. I help entrepreneurs discover their deep why, get in front of the right audience, find the marketing medium that gives them life, and how to do it all in a cohesive, life-giving way.

Why do you need a brand coach? Because you need an expert to audit where you are, a guide to help bring out the gifts that are already inside of you, a bestie to tell you the hard truths when you are getting in your own way, and a strategist who will give you the steps to bring your brand into alignment. 

And I do it in an approach called "coachsulting".

I myself have tried many courses, coaches, masterminds, online groups, etc.! There is an overwhleming amount of entrepreneurship education out there. I've taken what works best + blended it with my 8 years of being a solopreneur + and topped it off with my heart for teaching and seeing you thrive to create a coaching system that:

  • addresses the underlying psychological elements that block entrepreneurs
  • considers the whole person, both your personal mission and brand mission
  • equips you with the how using the premiere tools and resources and best practices
  • creates actionable steps based on your capacity and personality

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about your coacH

I am a brand photographer and coach. I’ve also felt paralyzed by the amount of work it takes to communicate who you are what you do clearly and consistently. If you want a guide to help you to the other side where you can feel proud and aligned with your business, I’m your girl. 

Why do I do this?

When I take my personal brand photoshoot calls, my favorite part about it is asking entrepreneurs why they decided to start and how it's going. I often get to share resources  beyond photography. By sharing encouragement and resources, I see a transformation within the entrepreneur: they go from dreamer to doer.  I believe when people are resourced, confident, and inspired, they cause their communities to flourish.

I want my world to be a flourishing community. You with me?

Some fun facts about me:
  • Work featured in Vogue and Forbes
  • 20-On-The-Rise Award Winner
  • Collaborated with over 700+ on their personal branding
  • SAG-eligible actress (can you guess which teen Netflix show I was on?)

invest in yourself

Building a brand is sweat-inducing work. Doing it alone is lonely and doesn't give an objective view for both celebration and areas of improvement. You deserve to flourish! When you invest in yourself through my brand coaching for entrepreneurs, you get the tools to zero-in on your mission and values which clarifies the right decision to make for your brand. I offer three brand coaching packages for entrepreneurs using my signature coachsulting method:

$3000/one time or
$1000/3 payments
This includes:
  • 4-hour session at the ComePlum studio or online
  • Mission, Vision, and Values 
  • Solopreneur strengths
  • Ideal Client Avatar
  • Offerings & Pricing
  • Look & Feel


3 months of support
This includes the content of the fresh set plus:
  • 3 months of Voxer (voice memo) access to Praise
  • 3 additional 60-minute brand coaching calls 
  • SEO & keyword suggestions
  • Biography writing workshop
  • Colors and typography
  • Brand voice and tone
  • Marketing & Content strategy
  • Business Audit

$5000 / one time or
$1667/3 payments
This includes the content of the fresh set + the boost set +:
  • [6] 60-minute group video calls
  • Small group of 4-6 entrepreneurs
  • Community of other thought leaders building their personal brands
  • Space to ask questions to work through challenges


Book a coaching discovery call


$5500 / one time
$1833/ 3 payments
[6] mastermind group sessions
+ monthly 1:1 coaching

Praise has created a space where you can learn to have healthy ambition. I truly enjoyed being apart of this group. The things that I have learned will definitely stick with me forever!


-Alisha E. 

Praise is not only a master of her art - she is also an absolute joy to work with! She is everything that you should be looking for in a teacher: empathetic, patient, and talented. It's been a real privilege learning from her.

-Rachel K. 

Praise leads with joy and is so good at getting you to take action in a short block of time. I walked away every day with something new to implement into my personal brand.

-Jessica F.

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